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[Wisconsin CBS Anchor Jennifer Livingston Responds To “Fat Bashing” Mail]

First and foremost, when I looked at this video I immediately had to tip my hat off to Jennifer Livingston for having the courage to even address such ignorance on air. Like many other professions, in the journalism (especially broadcast) to look a certain way. Perfect hair, perfect body, perfect style (and almost insinuated) as the necessary attributes to be a broadcaster but, Jennifer has overcome what is the typical status quo to reach success.

My second reaction? Furiousness! I personally know, lots of slim, trim journalism graduates WITHOUT a job. Why? Because regards of how “perfect” they look on paper, they weren’t qualified to do the work. I say that to say how dare this viewer dismiss her accomplishments for the simple fact that she doesn’t measure what he thinks she should on the BMI scale. Despite what it may look like, broadcasting is one of the toughest professions in the world and to how someone completely disregard your achievements and tell you that you’re, “not a suitable example for young people,” simply baffles me.

It’s so easy for people to troll behind a computer and knock others down for whatever reason but, honestly if you have time to go to an anchor’s Facebook page and write an entire passage trying to tear her down, what could you possibly be doing with your life that makes it worth living? You know who I think is a bad example for young people? Kim Kardashian, Snooki, every cast member of The Bad Girls Club. Those are people with nothing to add to the world.

But, to Jennifer Livingston? A woman who is surpassing the odds and tearing down stereotypes; making the average girl who feels like she isn’t “perfect” enough to be on the news every morning think that it’s possible; I say thank you.

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