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"I am that clumsy human, always loving, loving, loving. And loving. And never leaving." #FridaKahlo

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Today’s Selfie Game: Skrong

bellecosby's #melaninmonday made me do it ❤️

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#IfTheyGunnedMeDown which pic would the media use?

This hashtag is so powerful to me because it truly represents the dichotomy of who we are as individuals. None of us are singular in how we act publicly and it’s sad that in 2014 we have to still patrol major media outlets about victim misrepresentation. I wonder if the news would present me as the girl who’s the first in her family to holds a Master’s degree? Or just a black girl drinking on the beach? Sadly, as important as representation is, I fear that it’d be the latter. Sometimes ‘justice for all’ isn’t so ‘just.’

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Got tagged in this days ago by the beautiful digableplanet and JUST got around to it. My favorite pics of me are when I’m not trying to be anyone, but my crazy, goofy, ratchet self…

I tag splendidstyle bailorboo apointlessvoyage squeakout-loud & deejaythedork

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I’m becoming way more California than I anticipated… #latergram #coffeebound

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#Ibeendrankin w/ my “too cool for Instagram” brethren Miles Money #dockweiler (at Dockwiler Beach)

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"Tuesday afternoon… I ain’t got shit to do, but fall in love with you…" ❤️️ #Childish

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Can’t even remember the last time I wore my #naturalcurls out, but it’s Wednesday… So whatever man… #servingPurpleRainrealness

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#Royal (at Melrose Avenue)

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"Swagger on a hundred… thousand… trillion…" Circa ‘94 #tbt

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Somehow my “professional pictures” turned into these.

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If I ain’t got nothing else, at least I got my ratchet selfies… ✌️

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