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[Kendrick Lamar Performing Swimming Pools Drank @ The Global Fusion Festival 2012]

07.22.12 ♥ 0

[T-Pain vs. Chocolate Droppa (Kevin Hart) Rap Battle]

11.23.11 ♥ 0

[Drake’s Interview with Fader Magazine in Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY]

This is a mini interview; 2:29 but, for some reason… it’s so interesting to me. It was actually good but, I never want to be this girl in an interview. The questions were excellent but, the interviewer spent about 90% of the interview looking like she wanted to rip Drake’s clothes off. Journalism lesson that applies: show interest, not overkill. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

09.10.11 ♥ 2

Nothing like a Funk Master Flex freestyle

…with Kanye?

This video is full of win

"Don’t make me snap my fingers in Z formation/ Hip rotation/ Booty sensation/ Elbow, elbow/ Wrist, wrist/ Snap, snap/ Kiss, kiss"

…And this is our future… Let the prayers begin

08.28.11 ♥ 10

Shouts out to the haters who thought Lil Wayne was going to do a typical, “try to get some industry ho turned girl next door to be my girl” video. Learn, "How To Love." 

08.25.11 ♥ 3

I just picked up the Aug/Sept “Juice” issue of Vibe and one particular article piqued my interest. There was a listing of classic songs that could be remade and who should remake them. There were the usual subjects (i.e. Lady Gaga remaking Madonna) but, one combo stuck out in my mind specifically. The article posed a remake of “If I Ruled the World” by Nas ft. Lauryn Hill being made by J. Cole and Estelle. Can you imagine how epic that remake would be? Damn. I say, let the petition for this to happen begin.

08.22.11 ♥ 3

[Ace Hood “Deep Cover (Freestyle)” (@therealacehood)]

Ace freestyling over the hip hop classic, “Deep Cover.” This video reminds me of why I love Ace Hood; not only is this go hard because of the hommage to a classic but, his flow is sick. Mr. Hood you are next.  

08.19.11 ♥ 7

In honor of “Mr. Rothstein’s” born day: One of my favorite scene’s from Casino

08.17.11 ♥ 5

[VanJess’s Mashup of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” & Drake’s “Headlines”]

This is honestly one of the best covers/mashups that I have ever seen. VanJess is absolutely amazing. So talented. So unstoppable. Love this. 

08.17.11 ♥ 5

[The Misadventures of an ABG: Episode 1]

J is easily the most relatable character I have ever seen. I love this show. This is my life.

08.14.11 ♥ 1

[Song Challenge- Day 12]: A song that is a guilty pleasure

"You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift

"Cause wears high heels,

I wear sneakers,

She’s cheer captain

and I’m on the bleechers”

If you ask me about it again, I swear to God I’ll deny it.

07.31.11 ♥ 2

So apparently these welfare babies just never give up… Their parents must be so proud…

07.27.11 ♥ 82771

[Melanie Fiona Cover’s Amy Winehouse’s “Wake Up Alone”]

This video pretty much summarizes why I adore Melanie Fiona. She is extremely underrated. 

07.26.11 ♥ 5

[Behind the Scenes: Ace Hood’s “Body 2 Body” Video ft. Chris Brown]

I have an uber crush on Ace Hood.

Don’t judge me.

07.20.11 ♥ 2